What is Constitutionalism? State its elements.

What is Constitutionalism? State its elements.

Constitutionalism is system of governance in which power of the government is limited by laws.

A democratic government is legitimized through constitutional principles. Government officials acting legally in a government setting cannot and should not be confused with this concept. It is more important to have a Constitution that is based on constitutional principles than a written one. Almost every country has a constitution, although this does not imply that constitutionalist principles are followed in any case. Separation of powers, judicial control, and accountable government are some of the fundamental principles of constitutionalism.

Elements of Constitutionalism

  1. Government according to the constitution
  2. Separation of Power
  3. Sovereignty of the people and democratic government.
  4. Constitutional review 
  5. Independent Judiciary
  6. Limited Government subject 

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