Robotics and Automation 3151110 Syllabus Download With Weightage

Robotics and Automation 3151110 Syllabus Download With Weightage

Robotics and Automation 3151110 Syllabus is a term that refers to Electronics and Communication Department covers this subject This year, this Subject is covered in the 5th Semester.  

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Introduction to Robotics:

Definition and origin of robotics, different types
of robotics, various generations of robots, degrees of freedom, Asimov‘s
laws of robotics, dynamic stabilization of robots.


Robotic controllers and accessories:

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
based robotic controllers, Peripheral Interfacing with microcontrollers and its
programming in C, Arduino platform as robotic controller, Sensors &
Actuators, Grippers interfacing with robotic controller, DC Motors, and
Stepper Motors Interfacing and its programming.


Robot languages and Programming:

Robot Languages, Classification of
Robot Languages, Computer Control and Robot Software, Robot Operating
Systems (ROS), Raspberry Pi based programming for robots. Inverse
Kinematics and Path Planning Programming using ROS.


Case Study:

Multiple robots, machine interface, robots in manufacturing
and non- manufacturing applications, robot cell design, selection of robot.


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