OnePlus 9 Launch date, price, news and leaks


One plus. The company which is Doing Phenomenon job in the entire mobile  industry.  

One Plus launch The Oneplus 8T , and it was not so complete package ;we are expecting more and more from the Oneplus Team.

Oneplus is working on their new lineup which is Oneplus 9 Series; Recently A tipster told that the OnePlus 9 has codename ‘Lemonade‘ which may show up in certifications down the line. Last month, it was reported that the phone may carry the codenames lemonade, lemonadep, lemonadept, and lemonadev. This suggests that there could be four variant of the One Plus 9 series family; OnePlus 9 , Oneplus 9pro , Oneplus 9t and Oneplus 9 Special edition. Oneplus follow this line-up in all their series.

OnePlus Follow one pattern to launch their line up.

OnePlus 8 Series April 14, 2020
Oneplus 7 Series May 14, 2019
Oneplus 6 Series May 16, 2018
Oneplus 5 Series June 20, 2017

You can clearly see the pattern of Oneplus. The company is changing it’s strategy once again for a 2021 ;with the OnePlus 9 set to be released in March. There’s no exact launch date yet; but I’ve heard from a reliable source within the company that the OnePlus 9 will make its debut sometime in mid-March.

One more interesting fact about the One plus is they smartly increased their price; Let’s have a look on their price range.

One Plus 8T $749/ ₹ 42,999
One Plus 8 Pro $899/ ₹ 54,999
One Plus 8 $699/ ₹ 41,999
One Plus 7 T $599/ ₹ 37,999
One Plus 7 Pro $699/ ₹ 48,999
One Plus 7 $499/ ₹ 32,999
One Plus 6T $549/ ₹ 37,999
One Plus 6 $529/ ₹ 34,999


As we can make out from the list above; This year a huge increase in pricing for One plus. In the one plus 7t and One plus 8 has hardly major changes and the difference in terms of price $100 and also same $230 uptick from the One plus 7 pro to the One plus 8 pro.


We’ve a few nuggets of information on the One plus 9.

OnePlus 9 release date and price

One plus has been play an aggressive game play in the Indian mobile industry market for the last two launch cycles. From our source we heard that the One plus 9 Price in India is around ₹44,999 and the one plus 9pro is around ₹58,999 or thereabouts in the middle of march or april 2021

One plus 9 Design

We’ve also now seen the first unofficial rumor of the One Plus 9 , and it looks as though the design from 2020 is going to be refined further in 2021. The screen size is apparently going to be larger than the 6.55 inches of the One Plus 8T, but we don’t have an exact size yet.

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