Mobile Application Development 3170726 Syllabus Download With Weightage

Mobile Application Development 3170726 Syllabus Download With Weightage

Mobile Application Development 3170726 is presented in the 7th semester of the Computer department.

Sr. No.

Pre Requirements (Basic Knowledge of OOPS concept and Core java)


Fundamental :

Software Engineering with SDLC, Flow chart, DFD, SQL database


Android OS

Introduction to Android, Android System with Architecture, Android Architecture,
Development with Android – Platforms, Tools, Versions, Setup Android Environment, Say
Hello to Android Application, Building Blocks of Android Application, Work with Activity,
Activity Lifecycle, Intents Fragments, Fragment Lifecycle


Android UI And Component using Fragments

Create Android UI, Working with Layout, Create Custom Layouts, Work with UI
Components and Events, Material Design Toolbar, Tab Layout, Recycler View and Card
View, Android Menus


Database Connectivity

Storage in Android, Shared Preferences, Shared Preferences Layout, Android Requesting
Permission at run time (Android 6.0), Work with SD Card and Files, Database in Android,
Realm-No SQL Database


Applicability to Industrial Projects

Web services and Parsing, JSON Parsing, Access web data with JSON, Connect to Web
Services, Using Async Task & Third Party Library : Retrofit


Advanced Android Development

Google Map, Location Service and GPS, Creating Google Map, Work with Location,
Location service with Location Manager, Find Current Location, Geo coding

Graphics and Animation, Work with 2D Graphics, Bitmap, Animation, Frame Animation,
Tween Animation, View Animation, Multimedia in Android, Play Audio Files, Play Video
Files ,Work in Background, Services, Notification Services, Broadcast Receiver
Introduction to Firebase with simple CRUID Operation


Work with android system

Text to Speech, Camera, Taking Picture with Camera, Manage Bluetooth Connection,
Monitor and Manage Wi-Fi, Accelerometer Sensor & Gyroscope.

Development and Deployment

Delvik Debug Tool, Logcat, Emulator Control, Device Control, Work with ADB, Connect
Real Devices, Execute Application on Real Device, Publish your Application


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