Microwave Theory and Techniques 3171001 syllabus Download

Microwave Theory and Techniques 3171001 syllabus Free Download


Microwave Theory and Techniques 3171001 is presented in the 7th semester of the EC department.


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Introduction to Microwaves

History of Microwaves, Microwave Frequency bands;
Applications of Microwaves: Civil and Military, Medical, EMI/ EMC.


Mathematical Model of Microwave Transmission

Concept of Mode, Features of TEM,
TE and TM Modes, Losses associated with microwave transmission, Concept of
Impedance in Microwave transmission


Analysis of RF and Microwave Transmission Lines-

Coaxial line, Rectangular
waveguide, Circular waveguide, Strip line, Micro strip line.


Microwave Network Analysis-

Equivalent voltages and currents for non-TEM lines,
Network parameters for microwave circuits, Scattering Parameters.


Passive and Active Microwave Devices-

Microwave passive components: Directional
Coupler, Power Divider, Magic Tee, Attenuator, Resonator. Microwave active
components: Diodes, Transistors, Oscillators, Mixers. Microwave Semiconductor
Devices: Gunn Diodes, IMPATT diodes, Schottky Barrier diodes, PIN diodes.
Microwave Tubes: Klystron, TWT, Magnetron.


Microwave Design Principles-

Impedance transformation, Impedance Matching,
Microwave Filter Design, RF and Microwave Amplifier Design, Microwave Power
Amplifier Design, Low Noise Amplifier Design, Microwave Mixer Design, Microwave
Oscillator Design. Microwave Antennas- Antenna parameters, Antennas for ground-based systems, Antennas for airborne and satellite-borne systems, Planar Antennas.


Microwave Measurements-

Power, Frequency and impedance measurement at
microwave frequency, Network Analyzer and measurement of scattering parameters,
Spectrum Analyzer and measurement of spectrum of a microwave signal, Noise at
microwave frequency and measurement of noise figure. Measurement of Microwave
antenna parameters.


Microwave Systems-

Radar, Terrestrial and Satellite Communication, Radio Aids to
Navigation, RFID, GPS. Modern Trends in Microwaves Engineering- Effect of
Microwaves on human body, Medical and Civil applications of microwaves,
Electromagnetic interference and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMI & EMC),
Monolithic Microwave ICs, RFMEMS for microwave components, Microwave Imaging

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