Microprocessor and Microcontroller 3141008 Syllabus Download With Weightage

Microprocessor and Microcontroller 3141008 Syllabus Download With Weightage

Microprocessor and Microcontroller 3141008 Syllabus is a term that refers to Electronics and Communication Department covers this subject This year, this Subject is covered in the 4th Semester.  

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Fundamentals of Microprocessors:

History of microprocessor and microcontrollers, Difference between
microprocessors and microcontrollers and Applications of microcontrollers,
Architectural of 8-bit 8085 microprocessor, Pin details and functional operation of
8085, Memory and I/O interfacing. Role of microcontrollers in embedded
Systems. Overview of the AVR family


Architecture and instruction set of 8-bit AVR Microcontroller:

AVR Microcontroller architecture: Registers, AVR status register, Memory Space,
ATmega32 pin-configuration & function of each pin, Addressing mode and
instruction set of AVR microcontroller, Data transfer, Arithmetic, Logic and
Compare, Rotate and Shift, Branch and Call instructions, Bit manipulation


AVR Assembly and C Programming:

AVR data types and assembler directives, AVR assembly language programs, AVR I/O Port Programming, Time delay loop, BCD, ASCII conversion Program,
Look-up table, Bit addressability, MACROs, Pros and cons of C and assembly
language programming, Data types, Intex Hex file format, Simple C programs for
general purpose I/O and bit addssablity.


AVR on-chip peripherals and its programming:

General purpose I/O Ports, Timers, Interrupts, serial port, Serial port Interfacing
protocols, SPI, I2C, UART. Assembly and C Language programming for


Device interfacing and its programming:

LCD and GLCD interfacing, Keyboard Interfacing, TFT interfacing, ADC, DAC
and sensor interfacing, Relay, Opto-isolator and Stepper Motor Interfacing,
Industrial servo interfacing, Input capture and Wave Generator, PWM
programming and DC motor control, SPI protocol and Display interfacing, I2C
Protocol and RTC interfacing. Assembly and C Programming


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