Microprocessor And Interfacing 3160712 Syllabus Download With Weightage

Microprocessor And Interfacing 3160712 Syllabus Download With Weightage

Microprocessor And Interfacing 3160712 is a term that refers to Computer Department covers this subject This year, this Subject is covered in the 6th Semester. 

Sr. No.
1 Introduction to Microprocessor, Components of a Microprocessor:
Registers, ALU and control & timing, System bus (data, address and control
bus), Microprocessor systems with bus organization
2 Microprocessor Architecture and Operations, Memory, I/O devices,
Memory and I/O operations
3 8085 Microprocessor Architecture, Address, Data And Control Buses, 8085
Pin Functions, Demultiplexing of Buses, Generation Of Control Signals,
Instruction Cycle, Machine Cycles, T-States, Memory Interfacing
4 Assembly Language Programming Basics, Classification of Instructions,
Addressing Modes, 8085 Instruction Set, Instruction And Data Formats,
Writing, Assembling & Executing A Program, Debugging The Programs
5 Writing 8085 assembly language programs with decision, making and
looping using data transfer, arithmetic, logical and branch instructions
6 Stack & Subroutines, Developing Counters and Time Delay Routines, Code
Conversion, BCD Arithmetic and 16-Bit Data operations
7 Interfacing Concepts, Ports, Interfacing Of I/O Devices, Interrupts In 8085,
Programmable Interrupt Controller 8259A, Programmable Peripheral
Interface 8255A
8 Advanced Microprocessors : 8 15%
8086 logical block diagram, segmentation, Pin functions, Minimum and
maximum mode, 80286/80386: Overview and architecture, Programming
model, Data types and instruction set, segments and its types, segment
descriptor, descriptor table and selectors

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