Integrated Personality Development Course 3150005 Syllabus Download With Weightage

Integrated Personality Development Course 3150005 Syllabus Download With Weightage

Integrated Personality Development Course 3150005  Syllabus is a term that refers to Computer Department covers this subject This year, this Subject is covered in the 6th Semester. 

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The Need for Values

Students will learn about the need for values as part of their holistic
development to become successful in their many roles – as ambitious
students, reliable employees, caring family members, and considerate


Remaking Yourself

Restructuring Yourself

Students learn how self-improvement enables them to secure a bright
future for themselves. They will learn 6 powerful thought-processes
that can develop their intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual


Remaking Yourself –
Power of Habit

Students will undergo a study of how habits work, the habits of
successful professionals, and the practical techniques that can be used
to develop good habits in their life.


Learning from

Tendulkar & Tata

Students will learn from the inspirational lives of India’s two legends,
Sachin Tendulkar and Ratan Tata. They will implement these lessons
through relatable case studies.


From House to Home-
Listening &


Active listening is an essential part of academic progress and
communications. Students will learn to listen with their eyes, ears,
mind, and heart.


Facing Failures-

Welcoming Challenges

This lecture enables students to revisit the way in which they
approach challenges. Through the study of successful figures such as
Disney, Lincoln and Bachchan, students will learn to face difficulties
through a positive perspective.


Facing Failures-

Significance of Failures

Failure is a student’s daily source of fear, negativity, and depression.
Students will be given the constructive skills to understand failure as
formative learning experiences.


My India My Pride-

Glorious Past – Part 1

India’s ancient Rishis, scholars, and intellectuals have made
tremendous contributions to the world, they developed an advanced,
sophisticated culture and civilization which began thousands of years
ago. Students will learn the importance of studying India’s glorious
past so that they could develop a strong passion and pride for our


My India My Pride-

Glorious Past – Part 2

Our ancient concepts can be used to seek revolutionary ideas and to
generate inspiration. Students will develop a deeper interest in India’s
Glorious Past – by appreciating the need to read about it, research it,
write about it, and share it.


Learning from

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Dr Kalam’s inspirational life displayed legendary qualities which
apply to students (1) Dare to Dream (2) Work Hard (3) Get Good
Guidance (4) Humility (5) Use Your Talents for the Benefit of Others


Soft Skills-
Networking &


Students are taught the means of building a professional network and
developing a leadership attitude.


Soft Skills-
Project Management

Students will learn the secrets of project management through the
Akshardham case study. They will then practice these skills through
an activity relevant to student life.


Remaking Yourself-

Handling Social Media

Students will learn how social media can become addictive and they
will imbibe simple methods to take back control.


Facing Failures-

Power of Faith

Students will learn about the power and necessity of faith in our daily

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