Integrated Personality Development Course -2 3160003Syllabus Download With Weightage

Integrated Personality Development Course -2 3160003 Syllabus Download With Weightage

Integrated Personality Development Course-2 3160003 is a term that refers to Computer Department covers this subject This year, this Subject is covered in the 6th Semester.   

The weightage of chapters is not specified specifically in this subject, so we haven’t mentioned it.

Sr. No.
Module -Lecture
Lecture Description

Remaking Yourself-

Begin with the End in

Students will learn to visualize their future goals and will structure
their lives through smart goals to give themselves direction and
ultimately take them to where they want to go.

Remaking Yourself-

Being Addiction- Free

Students will explore the detrimental effects of addictions on one’s
health, personal life, and family life. They will learn how to take
control of their life by becoming addiction free

Selfless Service-

Case Study: Disaster Relief

Students will apply previous lessons of seva, to analyse the case
study of the Bhuj earthquake relief work.

Soft Skills-

Teamwork & Harmony

Students will learn the six steps of teamwork and harmony that are
essential for students’ professional and daily life

My India My Pride-

Present Scenario

To implement the transformation of India from a developing
country into a developed country it is necessary to have a valuebased citizen. Students will see how the transformation to a greater
India relies on the vision and efforts of themselves as a youth.

Learning from

Leading Without Leading

Students will explore a new approach to leadership, through

My India My Pride-

An Ideal Citizen – 1

Students will learn that to become value-based citizens, they must
first develop good values in their lives. They start by exploring the
values of responsibility and integrity.

My India My Pride-

An Ideal Citizen – 2

Students will learn that by developing the values of loyalty,
sincerity, and punctuality; they become indispensable and can leave
a strong impression. They will start developing these values by
trying to keep perfection in every small task and by looking at the
bigger picture.

Facing Failures

Timeless Wisdom for Daily Life

Students will learn the role wisdom plays in finding long-term
stability. They will use ancient wisdom to solve their modern-day

From House to Home-

Forgive & Forget

Students will understand the importance and benefits that
forgiveness plays in their personal and professional life. They will
learn to apply this knowledge in realistic situations.

Remaking Yourself-

Stress Management

Students will learn to cope with current and future causes of stress

Remaking Yourself-

Better Health Better Future

A healthy body prevents disease and stress; increases positivity,
productivity, and brainpower. Students will learn to maintain good
health through regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and regular
and sufficient sleep

Learning from Legends –

Words of Wisdom

A panel of learned and experienced mentors will personally answer
practical questions that students face in their daily life.

Soft Skills –

Financial Planning

Students will develop a variety of practical financial skills that
prepare them to become financially stable throughout their future

Remaking Yourself

Impact of Company

Students will understand that the type of company that we keep, has
a crucial role in determining who we are and who we will become.
They will develop the ability to create a positive environment
around them


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