Information Retrieval 3170718 Syllabus Download With Weightage

Information Retrieval 3170718 Syllabus Download With Weightage

Information Retrieval 3170718 Syllabus Download With Weightage is presented in the 7th semester of the Computer department.

Sr. No.
1 Introduction to Information Retrieval: The nature of unstructured and semi-structured
text. Inverted index and Boolean queries.
2 Text Indexing, Storage and Compression: Text encoding: tokenization, stemming, stop
words, phrases, index optimization. Index compression: lexicon compression and postings
lists compression. Gap encoding, gamma codes, Zipf’s Law. Index construction. Postings
size estimation, merge sort, dynamic indexing, positional indexes, n-gram indexes, realworld issues.
3 Retrieval Models: Boolean, vector space, TFIDF, Okapi, probabilistic, language modeling,
latent semantic indexing. Vector space scoring. The cosine measure. Efficiency
considerations. Document length normalization. Relevance feedback and query expansion.
4 Performance Evaluation: Evaluating search engines. User happiness, precision, recall, Fmeasure. Creating test collections: kappa measure, interjudge agreement. 6
5 Text Categorization and Filtering: Introduction to text classification. Naive Bayes models.
Spam filtering. Vector space classification using hyperplanes; centroids; k Nearest
Neighbors. Support vector machine classifiers. Kernel functions. Boosting
6 Text Clustering: Clustering versus classification. Partitioning methods. k-means clustering.
Mixture of Gaussians model. Hierarchical agglomerative clustering. Clustering terms using
7 Advanced Topics: Summarization, Topic detection and tracking, Personalization, Question
answering, Cross language information retrieval
8 Web Information Retrieval: Hypertext, web crawling, search engines, ranking, link
analysis, PageRank, HITS.
9 Retrieving Structured Documents: XML retrieval, semantic web 5

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