Digital Signal Processing 3171003 Syllabus Download

Digital Signal Processing 3171003 Syllabus Download

Digital Signal Processing 3171003 is presented in the 7th semester of the EC department.

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Discrete-Time Signals and Systems:

Discrete-Time Signals, Discrete-Time Systems, LTI Systems, linear convolution and itsproperties, Linear Constant Co- efficient Difference equations, Frequency domain
representation of Discrete-Time Signals & Systems, Representation of sequences by
discrete time Fourier Transform, (DTFT), correlation ofsignals


The Z- Transform and Analysis Linear Time-of Invariant System:

Z-Transform, Properties of ROC for Z-transform, the inverse Z-transform methods, Z-
transforms properties, Analysis of LTI systems in time domain and stability

considerations. Frequency response of LTI system, System functions for systems with
linear constant-coefficient Difference equations, Freq. response of rational system
functions relationship between magnitude & phase, All pass systems, inverse systems,
Minimum/Maximum phase systems, systems with linear phase.


Structures for Discrete Time Systems:

Block Diagram and signal flow diagram representations of Linear Constant- CoefficientDifference equations, Basic Structures of IIR Systems, Transposed forms, Direct and
cascade form Structures for FIR Systems, Effects of Co-efficient quantization.


Filter Design Techniques:

Design of Discrete-Time IIR filters from Continuous-Time filters Approximation byderivatives, Impulse invariance and Bilinear Transformation methods; Design of FIR filters
by windowing techniques, Illustrative design examples of IIR and filters.


Discrete-Fourier Transform:

Representation of Periodic sequences: The discrete Fourier Series and its Properties Fourier
Transform of Periodic Signals, Sampling the Fourier Transform, The Discrete-Fourier
Transform, Properties of DFT, Linear Convolution using DFT.


Fast Fourier Transform:

FFT-Efficient Computation of DFT, Goertzel Algorithm, radix2 and radix
Decimation-in-Time and Decimation-in-Frequency FFT Algorithms.



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