Digital Image And Video Processing 3171109 Syllabus Download

Digital Image And Video Processing 3171109 Syllabus Download

Digital Image And Video Processing 3171109 is presented in the 7th semester of the EC department.

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Digital Image Fundamentals:

Elements of visual perception, image sensing and
acquisition, image sampling and quantization, basic relationships between pixels –
neighborhood, adjacency, connectivity, distance measures, Applications of digital image


Image Enhancements and Filtering:

Gray level transformations, histogram equalization
and specifications, pixel-domain smoothing filters – linear and order-statistics, pixeldomain sharpening filters – first and second derivative, two-dimensional DFT and its
inverse, frequency domain filters – low-pass and high-pass


Color Image Processing:

Color models–RGB, YUV, HSI; Color transformations–
formulation, color complements, color slicing, tone and color corrections; Color image
smoothing and sharpening; Color Segmentation.


Image Segmentation:

Detection of discontinuities, edge linking and boundary detection,
thresholding: global and adaptive, region-based segmentation.


Wavelets and Multi-resolution image processing:

Uncertainty principles of Fourier
Transform, Time-frequency localization, continuous wavelet transforms, wavelet bases
and multi-resolution analysis, wavelets and Sub-band filter banks, wavelet packets


Image Compression:

Redundancy–inter-pixel and psycho-visual; Lossless compression –
predictive, entropy; Lossy compression- predictive and transform coding; Discrete Cosine
Transform; Still image compression standards – JPEG and JPEG-2000


Fundamentals of Video Coding:

Inter-frame redundancy, motion estimation techniques –
full search, fast search strategies, forward and backward motion prediction, frame
classification – I, P and B; Video sequence hierarchy – Group of pictures, frames, slices,
macro-blocks and blocks; Elements of a video encoder and decoder; Video coding
standards – MPEG and H.26X.


Video Segmentation:

Temporal segmentation–shot boundary detection, hard-cuts and
soft-cuts; spatial segmentation – motion-based; Video object detection and tracking



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