Difference between Constitution and Constitutionalism

What is the Difference between Constitution and Constitutionalism.

An individual’s legal system is referred to as their constitution and constitutionalism. There is a fundamental difference between the two concepts, despite the fact that they sound similar and are often used interchangeably. Constitutionalism is the concept that demands the limitation of the powers of the omnipotent state by the rule of law, as opposed to the constitution as the supreme law of the nation-state.

1 Constitution is generally a written document created by government It is a principle and a system of government that respects the rule of law and limits the power of the government.
2 Most modern constitution were written year ago. Law and norms had already been evolving and mutating for centuries and continue to do so.
3 In the pas the constitution used to change frequently in order to adapt to social and political evolutions. The idea if constitutionalism has significantly evolved during the years.
4 The Constitution is the basic law and backbone of a country. The Constitutionalism is the system of governance based on the constitution.


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