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Data Visualization 3160717 Syllabus is a term that refers to Computer Department covers this subject This year, this Subject is covered in the 6th Semester.  

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Introduction to Data Visualization:

Acquiring and Visualizing Data, Simultaneous acquisition and visualization,
Applications of Data Visualization, Keys factors of Data Visualization
(Control of Presentation, Faster and Better JavaScript processing, Rise of
HTML5, Lowering the implementation Bar) Exploring the Visual Data
Spectrum: charting Primitives (Data Points, Line Charts, Bar Charts, Pie
Charts, Area Charts), Exploring advanced Visualizations (Candlestick Charts,
Bubble Charts, Surface Charts, Map Charts, Infographics). Making use of
HTML5 CANVAS, Integrating SVG


Basics of Data Visualization – Tables:

Reading Data from Standard text files ( .txt, .csv, XML), Displaying JSON
content Outputting Basic Table Data (Building a table, Using Semantic Table,
Configuring the columns), Assuring Maximum readability (Styling your
table, Increasing readability, Adding dynamic Highlighting), Including
computations, Using data tables library, relating data table to a chart


Visualizing data Programmatically:

Creating HTML5 CANVAS Charts (HTML5 Canvas basics, Linear
interpolations, A Simple Column Chart, Animations), Starting with Google
charts (Google Charts API Basics, A Basic bar chart, A basic Pie chart,
Working with Chart Animations).


Introduction to D3.js:

Getting setup with D3, Making selections, changing selection’s attribute,
Loading and filtering External data : Building a graphic that uses all of the
population distribution data, Data formats you can use with D3, Creating a
server to upload your data, D3’s function for loading data, Dealing with
Asynchronous requests, Loading and formatting Large Data Sets


Advanced Data Visualization:

Making charts interactive and Animated:
Data joins, updates and exits, interactive buttons, Updating charts, Adding
transactions, using keys
Adding a Play Button: wrapping the update phase in a function, Adding a Play button to the page,
Making the Play button go, Allow the user to interrupt the play, sequence


Information Dashboard Design:

Introduction, Dashboard design issues and assessment of needs,
Considerations for designing dashboard-visual perception, Achieving
eloquence, Advantages of Graphics _Library of Graphs, Designing Bullet
Graphs, Designing Sparklines, Dashboard Display Media, Critical Design
Practices, Putting it all together – Unveiling the dashboard.


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