Contributor Personality Development Program 3160002 Syllabus Download With Weightage

Contributor Personality Development Program 3160002 Syllabus Download With Weightage

Contributor Personality Development Program 3160002 is a term that refers to Information Technology covers this subject This year, this Subject is covered in the 6th Semester.    

The weightage of chapters is not specified specifically in this subject, so we haven’t mentioned it.

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Finding Solutions

The market environment in which organizations are operating, is
becoming increasingly dynamic and uncertain. So, employers are
increasingly seeking out people who can innovate and figure out
solutions in the face of any challenge (unlike in the past when it was the people who were most efficient and productive, who were valued by
organizations). At the heart of innovation lies this way of thinking of
“finding solutions” rather than “seeing problems or roadblocks”.
Students learn how to build this way of thinking, in this topic.


Creating Value

Companies are also looking for employees who do not just work hard, or
work efficiently or productively – but those who will make a valuable
difference to the fortunes of the company. This difference may come
from innovation, but it may also come from focusing on the right things
and identifying what really matters – both to the company and to the
customers. In this topic, students learn how to build this capability.


Engaging deeply

The environment we live in is becoming increasingly complex because
more and more things are getting interconnected, new fields are
emerging, technologies are rapidly changing, capabilities and knowledge
one is trained in will become fast obsolete. In such a scenario, the
student’s ability to quickly understand and master what is going on, dive
deep, get involved in any area, rapidly learn new capabilities that a job
demands, is important. Engaging deeply is a core way of thinking that
can help them in this. In this topic, students learn how to engage deeply.


Enlightened self-interest & collaboration at work

The changing nature of work in organizations and in the global
environment is increasingly demanding that people work more
collaboratively towards shared goals and more sustainable goals. A key
to working successfully when multiple stakeholders are involved is
“thinking in enlightened self-interest”. In this topic, students learn how
to develop this way of thinking (going beyond “narrow self-interest”).


Human-centered thinking & Empathy

In this topic, students explore a human-centric approach to work –
where the ability to recognize and respond to other people (whether they
are users or customers or team members) as a human being with human
needs and difficulties, is essential. This is at the heart of user-centric
design of products and solutions, at the heart of genuine customercentricity in services, and of any successful interaction with other


Trust Conduct

The biggest currency in a sustainable career is “trust” i.e. being trusted
by team members, bosses, and customers. When we are trusted, people
listen to us, they are willing to give us the chance to grow, give us the
space to make mistakes, and work seamlessly with each other without
always having to “prove ourselves”. In this topic, students learn how to
demonstrate conduct that builds the trust of people.


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