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Contributor Personality Development Program 3150004 Syllabus is a term that refers to Computer Department covers this subject This year, this Subject is covered in the 6th Semester.  

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The Contributor Work Ideal

In this topic, students explore what is their “ideal” of work – is the ideal
to be a “worker” or to be a “contributor”? For example, an employee
who has the ideal of a “worker” goes to work to pass time, earn a
living, get benefits; in contrast to an employee with the ideal of a
“contributor” who wants to make a difference, get things done well,
create value for the company. This enables students to transform their
expectation of themselves in work


Identity & Self-esteem

In this topic, students engage with the question “who am I?” or on what
basis do they define themselves. Is their identity defined by what others
think of them (extrinsic self-esteem) or by what they think of themselves
(intrinsic self-esteem)? Further, they discover positive identities that
lead to intrinsic self-esteem, such as an I-can identity based on one’s
capacity and inner strength. This enables them to build confidence and


Become a Creator of one’s destiny

In a “victim stance”, we see the career environment as full of difficulties
and hurdles. We feel powerless or blame our circumstances for not
having many opportunities. This makes us fearful of uncertainty and
makes us settle for jobs where we remain mediocre. In this topic,
students discover the “creator of destiny stance” to challenges and
situations. This stance frees them to try out new things, open up new
possibilities, take on responsibility, see the opportunity hidden in their


Achieving Sustainable Success

In this topic, students discover how to achieve sustainable or lasting

success, by building one’s “engine of success”, making them success-
worthy. Where their focus shifts to building one’s “engine of success”

rather than being on chasing the “fruits of success”. This is important, because over a lifetime of work, all people go through ups and downs –
where the fruits are not in their control. People who are focused on the
fruits of success, fall prey to disappointment, loss in motivation, quitting
too early, trying to find shortcuts – when fruits don’t come. Whereas
people focused on building their engine of success continue to
contribute steadily, irrespective of whether fruits come or not. And with
a strong engine of success, fruits come to them in time.


Career Development Models

In this topic, students explore a range of diverse “career development
models” and the possibilities for contribution each opens up to them
(e.g. start-up career model, change-maker career model, etc.). This
opens their mind to different and even unconventional career models
possible, beyond the usual (such as “stable large company career
model” where one gets an engineering degree, then MBA, then get a job
in a large company). This frees them from a herd mentality when making
career choices.


Expanding contribution in every role

In this topic, students explore the many roles they can play in their life
& discover the power they have to expand the contribution possible in
any role. (E.g. role of student, role of manager, role of a project site
engineer). So, the potential of a role is in the individual’s hands. This
opens their mind to an alternative way of career growth.

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