Biomedical Electronics 3171104 Syllabus Download

Biomedical Electronics 3171104 Syllabus Download

Biomedical Electronics 3171104 is presented in the 7th semester of the EC department.

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The Human Body and Basic concepts of Medical Instrumentation:

Overview Cell
Structure, Body Fluids, Major Systems of the Body. Generalized Medical Electronics
System, Alternative Operational Modes, Medical Measurement Constraints, Classification
Of Biomedical Instruments, Design Criteria, Commercial Medical Instrumentation
Development Process


Fundamentals for bio-signal processing Measurement errors:

Types & Analysis Noise – Types, SNR, Noise Factor, Figure and Temperature, Noise in
Cascade Amplifiers, Noise Reduction Strategies Sensor – Types, Error Sources, Tactics
and Signals Processing for Improved Sensing, Matching Sensors to Circuit, Bioelectric


The Origin of Bio-potential Electrical activity of excitable cells:

Resting states, Active states, Network equivalent circuit of nerve/ skeletal fiber,
propagation of action potential.


Bio-potential Electrodes:

The Electrode-Electrolyte Interface, Polarization, Polarizable and Non-polarizable
Electrodes, Electrode Behavior and Circuit Models, The Electrode Skin Interface and
Motion Artifact, Body-Surface Recording Electrodes, Internal Electrodes, Electrode Arrays, Microelectrodes


ECG, EEG, Anatomy & physiology:

Electro-Conduction System of the Heart, The ECG Waveform. The Standard Lead System,
ECG Noises, ECG Amplification and Signal Conditioning Circuits, ECG Readout
Devices, ECG machines and their maintenance, ECG machine faults & troubleshooting,
Ambulatory (Wearable) ECG Machines, Blood Pressure, characteristics of blood flow,
Heart Sound, Pulse and Oxygen saturation measurements, Organization of the Nervous
System, the Neuron, Instrumentation for Brain Function Measurement,
Electroencephalography: Neuron Membrane Potentials, EEG Electrodes and the 10- 20
System, EEG Amplitude and Frequency Bands, EEG Diagnostic Uses and Sleep Patterns,
EEG System Block Diagram


X-Ray, CT-Scan, Ultrasonic and MRI:

Principles and designs of : X-Rays, Ultrasonic Equipment, Computer aided Tomography –
Scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Electrical Safety and Standards :

Physiological effects of electricity, Important susceptibility parameters, distribution of
electric power, Macro shock hazards, Electrical- Safety codes and standards, basic
approaches to protection against shock, power distribution protection, equipment


Active learning assignments:

A small group of 2-4 students study any one latest and current topic of research from
Biomedical Engineering Journals focusing on any one research paper. They should
understand and analyze the latest trends in the area of the selected topic and prepare and
present power-point slides, which may include videos, animations, pictures, and graphics
for better understanding of the topic. The faculty will guide and help the students in
identifying the topic of research


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