Analog Circuit Design Syllabus 3141002 Download With Weightage

Analog Circuit Design Syllabus 3141002 Download With Weightage

Analog Circuit Design 3141002 Syllabus is a term that refers to Electronics and Communication Department covers this subject This year, this Subject is covered in the 4th Semester.  

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Transistor at High Frequencies:

Hybrid –pi CE Transistor Model, Hybrid –pi Conductance, Hybrid –pi
Capacitances, Validity of Hybrid –pi Model, Variation of Hybrid –pi
Parameters, CE Short-Circuit Current Gain, Current Gain with
Resistive Load, Single-Stage CE Transistor Amplifier Response,
Gain-Bandwidth Product, Emitter Follower at High Frequencies



Sinusoidal oscillators, Phase-shift oscillator, Resonant circuit
oscillators, A general form of oscillator circuit, Wien bridge oscillator,
Crystal oscillators, Frequency stability


Feedback Amplifiers:

Classification of Amplifiers, Feedback Concept, Transfer Gain with
Feedback, General Characteristics of Negative Feedback Amplifiers,
Input Resistance, Output Resistance, Method of Analysis of a
Feedback Amplifier, Voltage Series Feedback, A Voltage Series
Feedback Pair, Current Series Feedback, Current Shunt Feedback,
Voltage Shunt Feedback


Operational Amplifiers:

The Basic Operational Amplifier, Transistor based Differential
Amplifier, The Emitter –Coupled Differential Amplifier.

Linear Analog Systems:

Basic Operational Amplifier Applications, Differential DC Amplifier,
Stable AC-Coupled Amplifier, Analog Integration and Differentiation.

Non-Linear Analog Systems:

Comparators, Sample-and-Hold Circuits, Precision AC/DC
Converters, Logarithmic Amplifiers, Waveform Generators, Regenerative Comparator (Schmitt Trigger), Emitter-Coupled Logic


Specialized ICs and its Applications:

i) 555 Timer and its applications: Block diagram, Monostable
and Astable multivibrator, Applications as Frequency divider,
Square wave generator
ii) Phase Locked Loops and its Applications: Block diagram and
operation, Applications as Frequency Multiplier, Frequency Shift
iii)Design of Power Supply: Simple op-amp voltage regulator,
Three terminal voltage regulators, Fixed and adjustable voltage
regulators (78XX, LM317), Heat sink, Dual power supply
(LM320, LM317), Basic switching regulator and its


Power Circuits and Systems:

Class A large Signal Amplifiers, Second Harmonic Distortion, Higher
–Order Harmonic Generation, Transformer Coupled Audio Power
Amplifier, Efficiency, Push-Pull Amplifiers, Class B Amplifiers,
Class AB Operation


Active Filters:

Ideal Responses, Approximate Responses, Passive Filters, First-Order

Stages, VCVS Unity –Gain Second-Order Low-Pass Filters, Higher-
Order Filters, VCVS Equal-Component Low-Pass Filters, VCVS

High-Pass Filters, MFB Bandpass Filters, Bandstop Filters, The All-
Pass Filter, Biquadratic and State-Variable Filters.


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